Original Computer Generated Faces-Attractiveness

This database contains stimuli, data, and information on the model for attractiveness created in Said & Todorov, (2011).

If you use these faces or other information from this database, any resulting written work should acknowledge the software used for face generation, FaceGen 3.1, and Said & Todorov 2011. The full citation for the latter is:

Said, C. P., & Todorov, A. (2011). A statistical model of facial attractiveness. Psychological Science, 22, 1183-90.

If you would like to download this face database, click here to complete the agreement form. After you electronically sign the agreement, you can start downloading the database. This database contains .jpg and .fg files for the 4000 face stimuli used in the paper, a .pdf ReadMe text file, data from the study, and information on the construction of the model.