Novel Objects-Families X, Y, Z

This database consists of novel objects used in the following publication:

Kurosu, A. & Todorov, A. (2017). The shape of novel objects contributes to shared impressions. Journal of Vision, 17 (13): 14. 1-20. doi:10.1167/17.13.14

This database consists of 66 objects belonging to Family-X, 30 belonging to Family-Y, and 30 belonging to Family-Z. These objects were sampled by randomly assigning values to each parameter. These objects were created using the programs: Rhino, Grasshopper, and V-Ray. Please refer to the published article for more information. For a different sampling, you are welcome to contact the research coordinator.

NOTE: These images may not be used on Amazon Mechanical Turk without the implementation of our web-tracker (a firebase database). Please contact our research coordinator to connect your experiment to our tracker. The tracker provides information regarding the objective novelty of a presented family to an mTurk worker.

If you would like to download this database, click here to complete the agreement form. After you electronically sign the agreement, you can start downloading the database. This database contains the images of three object-families. Included with each family is a text file documenting the object parameters used to generate the images, the Grasshopper file for generating additional 3D objects, and a screenshot of the algorithm.