Preferences from Facial Expressions Database

This database contains information on the videos used in our study about determining preferences from facial expressions, Masip, North, Todorov, & Osherson (2014). If you use these videos or their coordinate information, any resulting written work should acknowledge the following:

Masip, D., North, M. S., Todorov, A., & Osherson, D. N. (2014). Automated prediction of preferences using facial expressions. PLoS ONE 9, 2, e87434.

To download the coordinate/landmark information for the videos, click here to complete the agreement form. After you electronically sign the agreement, you can start downloading the database. This database contains two Matlab files containing coordinate information for the videos and a ReadMe text file.

If you wish to obtain the full videos, please print out and sign by hand this agreement form, and e-mail the completed form to The full videos may be used for research purposes only and neither the videos themselves nor any images obtained from them may be published.