Original Computer Generated Faces-25 Trustworthy Face Identities

Twenty-five Caucasian faces were randomly generated using the Facegen Modeller program (http://facegen.com) Version 3.1. For each facial identity, we created 7 versions that varied on trustworthiness, using the trustworthiness computer model developed by Oosterhof and Todorov 2008. The exact procedures are described in Oosterhof and Todorov 2008.

If you use these faces, any resulting written work should acknowledge the software used for face generation, FaceGen 3.1, and Oosterhof and Todorov 2008. The exact reference for the latter is:

Oosterhof, N. N., and Todorov, A. (2008). The functional basis of face evaluation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 105, 11087-11092.

If you would like to download this face database, click here to complete the agreement form. After you electronically sign the agreement, you can start downloading the files: a ReadMe text file and 175 bitmap files for the face images.